Richland® 3" Floating Candles White Unscented Set of 12 by Quick ...
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Richland® 2" Floating Candles White Unscented Set of 72 from Quic...
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Scented Floating ROSE Candles Wedding Decoration Centerpiece 6 pcs PIN...
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Ikea Fenomen Floating Candles, Natural Cream, 72 Unscented Candles
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Heart Floating Candles White (Pack of 12); Bowl not included by Outlet
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Floating Candles

Floating candles available in a wide variety of styles and colors.  Perfect for any occasion including weddings, corporate events, parties or simple every  day mood setting.  You will find the most popular sizes of floaters including 4 inch - 3 inch - 2.25 inch - 2 inch - 1.75 inch - 1.5 inch floating candles.  As well as flower styles including rose - daisy - lotus in many up to date colors and sizes.  If you are looking for something a little different we have Butterfly - starfish - snowflake - and the always popular heart shaped floating candles.   Should you desire flameless.  You can browse through the LED floaters available to set your expression of decor.  After you have found the type of candle you are looking for then take a moment to view all the floating candle holders to finish off your centerpiece.  We have searched and found all the hottest styles and trends from major candle companies around the USA.   All  available to you through .   Enjoy your visit.

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